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Company A:

The multi-business platform makes sense. Since the world has been brought into our living room, and decisions in China effect what happens in America, life is not as simple as it once was. I guess it's just a matter of sorting out the wheat from the tears and building on the wheat. 


Company B:

When you look at multi-business platforming, one platform at a time, it isn't so intimidating. Get the one you're most comfortable with set up first, and then look at the next platform that you are more comfortable with - and build it. Take a deep breath and keep building one at a time. Get your friends involved and it will make it that much easier. 


Biz 1

  Take Control of Your Domain Names


Multi-tasking/Multi-business Platforms

"In today's fast paced world of multi-tasking, it's essential to be involved in multi-business structures. You can't limit yourself to one source of income if you want to seriously succeed. Learn the skills, gain the tools and gather an array of business platforms that will bring you to the point of success that will secure a retirement that means something. You don't have to shortchange yourself, so don't."  Joe Hessel  



Multi-business is the wave of the 21st. Century. Jump on board or get washed away. 

Multi-business platforming is diving into the U.S. economy. It takes money to make money. But if you network with others, many opportunities are not that expensive. 

Multi-platforming is racing into high gear. More people are becoming less timid as their old comfort zones shrink into non-existance. Individuals are becoming more bold in their decisions to gain wealth. More Americans are willing to step out into unfamiliar waters rather than getting squashed by low paying jobs. Small business opportunities are looking more inviting all the time.

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